About the CRC-cache

Sometimes, you may wonder how reliable the CRC-cache is. Actually, it is quite reliable, since it reads the CRC for a file only if the file has not changed since the last CRC-calculation took place. This means, that if location, filename, size and timestamp are the same, then the CRC-value will be read from the cache.


The MD5 checksum is never cached, so if you select the MD5 option additionally, then the MD5 checksum is calculated and used to compare the files during every run.


Some programs, like older version of HexWorkshop, do not update timestamps of modified files. So, if you are using such programs, you should either disable CRC-caching altogether or use the MD5 option to ensure that only true duplicates will be listed.


The CRC-cache is written to the user Application Data folder, which is located in C:\Users\xxxx\Application Data\AcuteFinder in Windows Vista, and C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\Application Data\AcuteFinder in older versions of Windows. If you want to change this location, you can edit the registry entry:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hugmot\AcuteFinder\Settings\CRClabel.Text