Calculate or verify file's checksum

AcuteFinder can calculate a checksum for any file. Just select Tools - Calculate/verify file checksum from the main menu.


Checksums are commonly used to verify that a file is intact after being downloaded from the Internet. It is very important to do so, especially if you are going to burn a disk image to a CD. It can save you time and frustration, not to mention useless CD's.



Simply select the file you want to check, and enter (or paste) the checksum, if you already have one to verify. When a file is selected, the program looks for MD5sums or SHA1sums text files and picks up the checksum, if it is found. Verifying files is now easier than ever.


Then press the Calculate-button and in a few seconds or up to about 2 minutes for 650 Mb ISO-files, the checksum will be calculated and compared to the checksum you entered. You can also copy the resulting checksum to the clipboard, by pressing the small copy-button on the right.


Comparing two files

You can use this tool to verify if two files are identical or not.  Just select the first one and calculate its checksum.  The resulting checksum will be copied to known checksum to verify.  Then simply select the second file, and press Calculate, and its checksum will be compared to the first one.