Command line options

AcuteFinder offers some options that can be activated from the command line, i.e. when the program is started. These options are used for Windows Explorer integration and can be utilized in bat-files or in conjunction with schedulers to scan regularly for duplicates based on specific search criteria and create reports automatically.


To use these options, simply add the appropriate switch or file/folder name to the command line. The following example will start the program, initiate a search based on the settings in dupdocs.ini and finally print the list of found files and quit. The dupdocs.ini file was created by selecting Save Criteria as... from the File menu.


acutefinder dupdocs.ini /S /P /C



These options are available:


/Ffoldername = Search this folder

Start AcuteFinder, add this folder to the top of the folder list, check it and uncheck all other folders on the list. Used for Windows Explorer integration or quick manual start.


filename.ini = Load settings from file

Load settings from the file.  It will replace all basic search criteria read from the registry. Only allowed if folder name is not specified.


/S = Start now

Start search immediately, using either last settings from the registry or settings from a settings file (see previous option).


/Q = Quiet mode

If this options is specified, the program will display fewer warnings and error messages.


/P = Print list

This option will print the list of found files when search finishes.  It will do so only once and without prompting for print options.


/C = Close after search

Close the program when search and/or print is finished.