Demo limits and program limits

The FREE Demo version has some size limits, but you can still make good use of the program for personal use. For detailed comparison of features in the free demo, trial-key or registered versions, see the table on


The demo limits are:


Maximum number of folders scanned = 10,000 (seldom a limiting factor)
Maximum size of files to delete/move = 2 Mb
Some configuration options are disabled:
Search without a checksum or size
Keep at least one instance cannot be unchecked
Warning for vague search criteria cannot be unchecked
Warning for delete of program files cannot be unchecked
CRC cache cannot be saved to an external database
About info will appear for few seconds during startup



Program limits:


Operation of AcuteFinder is mainly limited by available memory. If CRC cache is stored to disk, it can occupy few megabytes, and log-files can grow fast if details are logged.  No other files are written to disk.


AcuteFinder has few known limits:


Maximum supported file size for normal files = approximately 100 Gb
Maximum supported file size in archives = 4 Gb
Maximum number of files in file list = approximately 10,000 which is more of a practical limit due to the time it takes to renumber sets after delete/move/remove.
When deleting many files from the same ZIP-archive, performance can be slow.
AcuteFinder cannot process files using MBCS (Multi-Byte Character Sets) like Japanese. Support for this may be added in future releases.
If multiple instances of AcuteFinder are running, the program settings and CRC cache of the last instance to finish will be stored, and thereby overwrite these information from all previous instances.


For more info on errors and bugs, and how to avoid or work around them, see our FAQ-page at: