Files found

This is the list of all duplicate files found using the search-criteria. You can view the list, sort it by clicking on a field's heading, print the list or export it to a file. And, most importantly, you can select which files to process and either delete them or move them to an archive folder.



Simply mark the files you want to process, by ticking the checkbox, or by using the mouse and the control or shift keys just like you do when using other Windows programs. Holding down the control key (Ctrl) while clicking on files, allows you to select many individual files. If you want to select a range of files, select the first one, then hold down the Shift key, and select the last one. All files between and including the two, will be highlighted. Then, choose Mark selected from the pop-up menu, or press the spacebar to toggle or Ins key to toggle the marks.


After marking the file(s) you intend to act on, you can choose the operation you want from the toolbar, or from a pop-up menu you can activate by right-clicking on the list.


When files are deleted or moved, you will be warned according to the warning options you selected on the Settings-page.  The operation page in Settings gives you the option to keep at least one instance of a file intact, and to remove folders or archives that become empty during delete or move of files.