Check for updates

To check for updates to AcuteFinder, select Check for updates from the help menu. A dialog will be shown, giving you the options to define automatic check for new versions on regular intervals:



Leave the proxy server field empty, unless you need to use it to connect to the web.


If connection to the Internet is successful, a message will be show if a new version is available and if you are entitled to get it or not, based on your upgrade protection. You will then be taken to the appropriate webpages to download the new version or to buy extended upgrade protection.


If no connection can be made directly from AcuteFinder, a web page will be shown, with information about your current version, the latest version and if your upgrade protection is still valid for that version. Also, instructions on how to download and install the update will be provided. Finally, optional files for download will be listed.


The old method of using the GetUpdate program has been discontinued. This means a smaller installation file and less space used on your system. Support for update checking using the GetUpdate method will be in place for the next few years, while old versions of AcuteFinder are gradually being phased out.