Latest version

To check for the latest version of AcuteFinder, use the menu option Help - Check for updates which will also check if your upgrade protection is still valid for that version. You can also check it manually, by visiting our web site at and compare it with the information displayed in the Help - About dialog.


If you want to see the latest developments, then a "yet to be fully tested" beta version is available for you to experiment with. Go to to see what you can expect from the next version of AcuteFinder. We really appreciate your feedback, both to the regular release and the beta-version, and we reward those users that are willing to take AcuteFinder for a real test-drive, with free license key and a long-term upgrade protection.


The beta-version is in most cases fully functional and relatively well tested. Often, it has various improvements over the regular release, but some supporting files, like help-files, may be missing or incomplete. Also, since the beta-version is usually updated frequently, you should check for the latest version more often.


History of new features, modifications, fixes and changes to the website, for both versions, is available at


A printable version of this user manual is available on the web at To view it you need Acrobat reader from Adobe or a compatible PDF-viewer.