Enter user name and license key

If you register the program or apply for a free trial-key, you need to enter your user name and license key to enable the full capabilities of AcuteFinder.



Simply copy the registration message to the clipboard using Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C in your e-mail client. Then select Registration - Enter license key from the main menu, and the details will be filled in automatically. If not, then press the From message button. Alternatively, you can paste each field manually. Finally, press Apply, and if all is fine, AcuteFinder will accept your entry and quit operating in demo-mode. Congratulations and thank you for your support!


Another option (available from version 1.3) is to save the registration message into a text file called AcuteFinder_key.dat and place it in the program folder that you installed AcuteFinder in. Next time you open this dialog, the user name and license key will be grabbed from the file. Just press apply, and you are set.


If you run into problems entering the registration info, please see our Flash-demo (500 kb) at http://www.acutefinder.com/demos/AF_registration.htm since it shows how easy the registration progress really is.