File list view

This page on the Settings dialog allows you to specify which fields you want to appear on the list of files found.



Use color for compressed or zipped files:

Select this option if you want compressed files to appear in blue color, and archived files in dark-red. These colors give you a visual indication that the files are occupying less space on disk than their original size.


Use background colors shown to group files in same set:

Check here to distinguish each set of files with different background colors. This helps to visually group the files when the list is sorted by set number or file size, but has lesser meaning for other sort orders.


You can change the colors used, by clicking on each color. A dialog will pop up that allows you to pick another color. If you only want two alternating colors, then select the same color for #1 and #3, and another one for #2 and #4. If you want to switch back to the default color scheme, then press the Reset button.


Color file sets for all sort orders:

Check here if you prefer to retain coloring of sets, regardless of sort order.  Otherwise, different background colors will only be used when the file list is sorted by Set (the first column).


Use alternate colors for other sort orders than Set:

If checked, then colors #2 and #3 will be for other sort orders than Set. This makes it easier to read the file list.