Here you can define the warning level that AcuteFinder will use when you start operating on the list of files found. The options are self-explanatory. When warnings are displayed for delete/move of read-only files, you get the option to act on individual files, to answer "Yes to all" or cancel the action. When running in demo-mode, some options are disabled.



List of program/system file masks:

On this list you can specify file masks that define a file to be either a program or system file.  When deleting or moving such a file, a warning is given if the option "Warn when deleting or moving program/system files" is checked. You can add more items to the list by entering a new file mask or modify current items as you wish. For example, you could add all Excel files by adding the mask *.xl* to this list.


When running in demo-mode, this list and the warning option for programs/system files cannot be disabled or modified.