On-line support

On our web site www.acutefinder.com you will find many useful hints and suggestions on using AcuteFinder. Answers to frequently asked questions, new versions, error reports, and much more is available to help you get the most out of AcuteFinder.


If you need support, fill out the form at www.acutefinder.com/support and enter an alternate e-mail address or phone number if possible, so we have more options to get back to you. SPAM-filters sometimes prevent our reply to reach your inbox. All suggestions, comments and testimonials are highly appreciated.




Contact info:


Hugmot ehf

Skipholti 29

IS-105 Reykjavik


Tel. +354-562-3740

Email: sales@hugmot.is

Web sites: www.acutefinder.com and www.hugmot.is