Support for Linux, Unix and Mac

Even though AcuteFinder is not yet available on the Linux / Unix / Mac OS X platforms, you can use Samba on these systems to give Windows workstations access to the files kept on them. Simply map folders as drives on a PC workstation or use UNC path for folder to search.



That way, you can find duplicate files on such systems, and delete or move them as you would on a PC. Keep in mind that you need proper access rights in order to scan files (read access) and to delete them (write access). Since file names are case sensitive on these systems but on Windows they are not, performance may not be as good, since more files will be checked. Also, always use CRC or MD5 checksums due to the different case sensitivity.


Another way, is to use the Wine environment to run AcuteFinder. However, since Wine is currently undergoing heavy development, this method may be a little experimental journey. For more info, see