What are users saying?

The steadily increasing number of happy users of AcuteFinder, testifies to the quality of this software. Here are some testimonials from our users:


"AcuteFinder is one of the best programs I've ever used."

— Chris Simoni


"Excellent program with virtually every feature I'm looking for!"

— Svein Eriksen


"I tried several programs that were available through CNET and yours is just what I needed. I've got a lot of work to do to get my hard drives cleaned up and organized better, but it is going to be so much easier with your program. The tips are quite helpful, too."

— Joan Genthe


"Just wanted to thank you for the note, and let you know that in at least 8 or so "duplicate finder" utilities I've been evaluating over the past week or so, yours is by far the best-in-class product. A smart design and excellent user interface!"

— Daren Carpenter


"Over time I have managed to accumulate multiple copies of my digital pictures on my computer and really wanted to free up the space on my hard drives. Pretty scary to delete precious digital images! Losing your digital photos is the modern day equivalent to a house fire where all of your precious paper photographs are lost forever.

AcuteFinder's technology and user interface gave me the confidence I was deleting a true copy and would preserve at least one copy on my system. Wow, what a simple yet powerful software package!"

— Jeb Bradshaw, Fort Worth, Texas


" Your software is simply the best!"

— Carlos Guerra Martins


"Just a quick note to compliment you on a great bit of software, which is easy to use and has already freed up loads of space on my hard drive and the price is excellent, overall a great package."

— Colin Doherty


"Your program is FANTASTIC and I will send the link to my Computer News Group and tell them "It's the Best 14 bucks I've ever spent" and recommend AcuteFinder to all."

— A. A. Kramer


"It is ideal shareware — made by people with a passion for quality and innovation, and extremely helpful to the end-user."

— Marvin Sebourn


"I love your product and it is the best dup finder on the market ... I have tried them all!"

— Craig Stodola


"I have looked at other programs that find duplicate files but none of them even comes close to AcuteFinder."

— Jack Mercer


"I really enjoy your product as it greatly speeds up my deleting duplicate picture files saving a lot of space when ready to back up to CD or DVD's ...

The speed of which your interface works is great and that's what I really like about it ... Thanks for a great product. "

— Mike Harvey


"Thanks for an excellent bit of software that is very useful for my laptop."

— John Fishley


"Every time I run it, it is almost like getting another free hard drive. It has definitely been the best $14 I have spent on software in the last 20 years and it is easily worth $14 dollars a year to keep it — although, for the most part, I find it hard to believe how you can improve on it any further.

I have given several copies out as gifts and plan to give more this year because I can't think of a better, more useful, reasonably priced gift that keeps on giving, and giving"

— Nick Veloz


"I initially tried your product just using the trial key, thinking that I might only need to use it for a couple of weeks, but it is such a fantastic product that it was definitely worth purchasing. Thanks for a great product!"

— Brett Jensen


"And the registration process... that is so cool! No one else has such a simple and elegant way of entering the code."

— John LaGourgue, MD


"I'll tell you one thing....that is the best $14 I ever spent. I had 200GB SQL drive full of repeated databases...this program helped me beyond belief."

— Francis Kirvin


"I find your software is stable, fast and reliable ... I find the total package to be excellent."

— Terry Cashin


" Thanks very much for a great program! I really believe in this program, it's one of my top 5 most useful utilities. I could tell you the story about how one time it found 1451 duplicates and literally did save days off a project I was working on.

And in case you think I'm exaggerating, I test about 15-25 programs a month, and can and do only say "cool" once or twice a month, so I'm not exaggerating at all! It's almost like a high finding a really good program-that actually meets expectations or even exceeds them!"

— Leonora (Lee) Johns


"After using this program for some time, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing better than this program would have been to have it several years ago! I like it more and more every time I use it ... Thanks again for a wonderful program."

— Nick Veloz


"I think the product is great and has already helped me clear out lots of things which I didn't know were cluttering up my PC."

— Athino Hourbakis


"Thanks for your help on this matter. Your help convinced me to purchase the product with 1 year of updates. I have succesully cleared 6 memory cards, and discovered files that had not been copied to CD/DVD or Hard Disk.

I had looked at many others and found them clunky / slow / complicated. I am sure I will discover other great features - but importantly I got the result I needed after 10 minutes of use! A really great product - keep up the good work. "

— Owen Colbert


"Congratulations, you have by far the best duplicate finder. I have just finished evaluating about 20 similar packages, and yours really stands out. No one else comes close.

Key strong points: searches within zips; can select mix of folders; can use output for further processing. "

— Basil Cinnamon


"I have been searching for almost a year for a duplicate file manager. Every one I have found does at least one thing well. Your AcuteFinder does everything well. I had despaired of ever working my way through my badly backed-up external 120-gig disk. Now everything is neat and accessible.

The documentation accompanying the software is among the clearest and most user-friendly I've ever seen. The website, with its wealth of information, is also a treasure. I'd recommend AcuteFinder to anyone who needs to keep his or her files in order."

— Robert Dalvean


"A software product that is an incredible value ... I could go on and on! Do yourself a favor ... don't hesitate in getting AcuteFinder!"

— Hugh St.Clair


"Thanks, many times over for a well thought out and worked out program ... sheer pleasure to use."

— Jerold Steinhour


"... thank you for your excellent product AcuteFinder ... I am so pleased and impressed with it."

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— Fernando Garcia


"This is the most thorough and fastest duplicate finder I could find - and I have tried quite a few!"

Full testimonial

— Martin Coetsee


"This is a great little utility that does just what I want and (mostly) just the way I want it to."

— Wayne King


"I am an ordinary, old (77+) computer user who found your program fun and helpful ... First of all I loved the simplicity built in."

— Keith Williams


"It's a great program and ... it works so much better than all the other programs that I have tried"

— Thomas Lotz


"I think I have found the ultimate file duplicate search tool, finally, great product!"

— Ketil Danielsen


"Thank you for creating such a great product, and for adapting and enhancing it, in just days, in response to my particular needs. ... I highly recommend AcuteFinder (and its support team) to anyone trying to organize and clean up media filled with unwanted duplicate files, particularly in situations like mine where terabytes of data in video and image files need to be examined quickly, efficiently, and reliably." Full testimonial

— David Durlach, TechnoFrolics


"Thank you for such a great piece of software. Your software did what it said it would do and saved me space on our server. We have deleted over 1 gig of files that had been duplicated or misfiled i.e. users drag and dropping files into wrong folders etc. I have only just started working through the Volumes on our network and expect to save even more space."

— Derek Evans, Flexlink


"I like your product. The only reason I went with the 30 day option initially was that I wanted to be sure your product would work for me. I am convinced."

— John Foley