What's new?

This version of AcuteFinder, version 3.0, includes various new features and modifications when compared to older versions. The most important are marked in bold:


New features:


Faster searching, 50-70% and even up to 5 times faster when using CRC-cache
Easier marking of files to process, using checkboxes  (old method still available)
New option: Ignore file size during search (e.g. for name only duplicates)
Mark all files in selected folder (using Ctrl-D - very useful)
Mark all but one file in every set
Marking of selection can be toggled using Insert key or Space bar
Automatic check for updates at regular intervals
New option: Use advanced sort for secondary column
New option: Search hidden folders
New option: Write CRC-cache data to an external database (for users repeatedly scanning millions of files)
New option: Show CRC-cache statistics
New option: Alternate coloring of rows for other sort orders than sets
New option: Warn if too many files found
Splash-screen at startup


Modifications and fixes:


Double click on file to toggle marking
Secondary sort order has been fixed to be more logical
New default font for the application (Tahoma 8pt) giving nicer looks
Higher limits for demo version: Delete of files up to 2 Mb in size
Better co-operation with other programs, for better overall computer responsiveness during search
Faster processing of external delete notifications (by removing file from list)
Button to reset set background colors to default setting
Selection in addition to marking:  Asks if you have unmarked and selected items mixed with marked items.
More context sensitive help (using F1)
Improved looks, with more hints and suggestions
Various minor fixes


The complete revision history is available on our website, at www.acutefinder.com/history.htm