Why so many duplicates?

It's amazing how many extra copies of files can be found on the average computer. A real mess actually! The reasons are many; often you make a backup copy, just in case, before making serious changes, but forget to delete it afterwards. Often, the same file resides in a ZIP-archive and on the disk, taking up unneccessary space.  Sometimes the same file is downloaded or installed more than once, or extra copies created systematically, e.g. when sorting digital photographs by copying and renaming of files. And, sometimes files are accidentally copied to other locations, and remain there for a long time, i.e. until you find them with AcuteFinder!


On the average workstation there are thousands or even tens or hundred of thousands of files. Understandably, it is quite a chore to keep them all organized. With AcuteFinder you can find unneeded extra copies of files, which can usually be safely removed. This way you can reclaim the disk space they occupy and use it for more important data. It also reduces the time it takes to run backups and virus scanning, and system maintenance in general.


If your system contains thousands of duplicates, then you should work on smaller sets of them at a time, e.g. by limiting your search to specific folders, file types, or file sizes. This way, the list will be more manageable and easier to work on.